THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Fall 2020 wrap-up

I find this sort of amazing given what’s been going on in the world this year, but our real estate market has continued to do remarkably well through the fall season.  The combination of super low interest rates and the desire to [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley (North & Hills), Summer 2020 wrap-up

Between the pandemic, the wildfires, and the blanket of smoke we’ve had to live with lately, one would think that the local real estate market would have gone into hibernation, but this has not been the case.  The pandemic has caused many [...]


ARE YOU UNDER-INSURED? The huge wildfires this year are a reminder that we should all periodically evaluate our insurance coverage, and make sure that we could rebuild if we ever needed to.  Most insurance policies auto-renew each year, and the coverage may [...]

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THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley (North & Hills), Spring 2020 wrap-up

I’m going to shift focus somewhat for this issue of The Outlook. We’re living in a time right now when many of our usual concerns seem trivial.  Compared to the importance of the growing calls for an end to systematic racism and [...]

Home Loans, Interest rates, and Real Estate Newsletters

HOME LOANS AND INTEREST RATES x Interest rates on home loans have been very low lately!   If your interest rate is close to, or above, 4%, it could be worth your while to contact your favorite loan person and see if you [...]

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Bridge Loans

BRIDGE LOANS Did you know that it’s possible again to get a bridge loan?  A bridge loan is a short-term loan that can be used to access the equity in a home you are planning to sell in order to purchase a [...]

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How sold price per square foot varies with property size

I've mentioned in past newsletters that, in general, smaller properties sell for higher prices per square foot.  This chart compares the average sold price per square foot for properties of different sizes.  The data is from the area indicated, January 1, 2019 [...]

Emergency Alerts

EMERGENCY ALERTS Have you signed up yet for Alameda County emergency alerts?  The system is called AC Alert, and it’s very easy to sign up to receive notifications from city and county agencies in the case of an emergency.  Just go to [...]

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REAL ESTATE ANSWERS: How have the massive fires in recent years affected homeowner’s insurance locally?

How have the massive fires in recent years affected homeowner’s insurance locally? I spoke with Ruth Stroup with Farmers Insurance, who is always a great source of information about the insurance world, and asked her what changes she’s seen as a result [...]

REAL ESTATE ANSWERS: How old is the housing stock in Berkeley?

Many times over the years, when counseling new buyer clients, I have pointed out that the majority of the homes in Berkeley are older, built in the early part of the 1900s. I know this anecdotally, and from looking at so many [...]