THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & the Berkeley Hills, Summer 2022 results

The real estate market over the summer was noticeably more subdued than in the first half of the year. Buyers were in an absolute frenzy in the spring, anxious to get into the market before interest rates increased, and as a result, [...]

It’s been 20 years!

It does not feel like it has been this long, but this October marks twenty years that I have been a full-time realtor in Berkeley. I started in real estate with my salesperson’s license in October 2002, and then completed the additional [...]

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THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & the Berkeley Hills, Spring 2022 results

There has been a lot going on in the real estate market since my last newsletter, when I wrote that competition between buyers was looking especially intense.  The prospect of increasing interest rates always motivates buyers to find something before rates go [...]

Bulky Waste and an E-Waste Resource

Did you know that, as a Berkeley homeowner, you can schedule one free bulky waste pick-up per calendar year?  Just call (510) 981-7270 to schedule for an upcoming Wednesday. They’ll pick up a maximum of 3 cubic yards, which they say is [...]

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THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & the Berkeley Hills, Annual 2021 & Winter 2021-22 results

It’s time as usual to look at the previous year’s results for our local real estate market, and also talk about the results for the winter season just ended. 2021 started off with a bang. A big upswing in buyer interest led [...]

Variations in Sold Price per Square Foot

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, you have many times encountered the notion that, everything else being equal, the amount a property sells for per square foot of living space tends to be lower for large homes, and higher [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Fall 2021 results

I mentioned in the last newsletter that the market seemed to be cooling off a bit from the spring frenzy, and that was true through most of the fall season. That has changed recently (the market has been crazy hot again in [...]

REAL ESTATE ANSWERS: Should I be careful not to over-disclose when I’m selling my home?

Should I be careful not to over-disclose when I’m selling my home? Completing seller disclosure forms in California can be a daunting task. A seller is legally obligated to disclose all known material information about the property to the buyer, and can [...]


Sewer Laterals and Drainage    We’ve had a number of office discussions about water-related issues since the first “atmospheric river” passed our way, and I heard something about sewer laterals that I wanted to pass along. A sewer lateral is the underground pipe [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Summer 2021 wrap-up

I have been getting lots of questions lately about the state of the market, with people mentioning news articles that cite slowing.  Our local market was not quite as crazy over the summer as it was over the spring, and that seems [...]

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