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THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & the Berkeley Hills, Summer 2022 results

The real estate market over the summer was noticeably more subdued than in the first half of the year. Buyers were in an absolute frenzy in the spring, anxious to get into the market before interest rates increased, and as a result, [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & the Berkeley Hills, Spring 2022 results

There has been a lot going on in the real estate market since my last newsletter, when I wrote that competition between buyers was looking especially intense.  The prospect of increasing interest rates always motivates buyers to find something before rates go [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & the Berkeley Hills, Annual 2021 & Winter 2021-22 results

It’s time as usual to look at the previous year’s results for our local real estate market, and also talk about the results for the winter season just ended. 2021 started off with a bang. A big upswing in buyer interest led [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Fall 2021 results

I mentioned in the last newsletter that the market seemed to be cooling off a bit from the spring frenzy, and that was true through most of the fall season. That has changed recently (the market has been crazy hot again in [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Summer 2021 wrap-up

I have been getting lots of questions lately about the state of the market, with people mentioning news articles that cite slowing.  Our local market was not quite as crazy over the summer as it was over the spring, and that seems [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Spring 2021 wrap-up

I am definitely a data-lover (I know that will not come as a surprise!), but I have been especially looking forward to analyzing the data for Spring 2021.  The Berkeley market has been super hot since the start of the year, and [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Winter 2020-21 wrap-up

As always in the March/April newsletter, I’m going to review both the data for the past year, and also look at the winter quarter results (for December through February). *** 2020 Results: 2020 was a surprisingly solid year in local real estate, [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Fall 2020 wrap-up

I find this sort of amazing given what’s been going on in the world this year, but our real estate market has continued to do remarkably well through the fall season.  The combination of super low interest rates and the desire to [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley (North & Hills), Summer 2020 wrap-up

Between the pandemic, the wildfires, and the blanket of smoke we’ve had to live with lately, one would think that the local real estate market would have gone into hibernation, but this has not been the case.  The pandemic has caused many [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley (North & Hills), Spring 2020 wrap-up

I’m going to shift focus somewhat for this issue of The Outlook. We’re living in a time right now when many of our usual concerns seem trivial.  Compared to the importance of the growing calls for an end to systematic racism and [...]

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