THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley & Berkeley Hills, Fall 2020 wrap-up

I find this sort of amazing given what’s been going on in the world this year, but our real estate market has continued to do remarkably well through the fall season.  The combination of super low interest rates and the desire to [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley (North & Hills), Summer 2020 wrap-up

Between the pandemic, the wildfires, and the blanket of smoke we’ve had to live with lately, one would think that the local real estate market would have gone into hibernation, but this has not been the case.  The pandemic has caused many [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley (North & Hills), Spring 2020 wrap-up

I’m going to shift focus somewhat for this issue of The Outlook. We’re living in a time right now when many of our usual concerns seem trivial.  Compared to the importance of the growing calls for an end to systematic racism and [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Winter 2019-20 wrap-up

In Berkeley hills, there were 195 active listings over the course of 2019, and 161 properties sold.  81% of the sales were for more than list price, with multiple buyers interested in most properties, and sale price averaged 20% above list price [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Fall 2019 wrap-up

It was another interesting fall in local real estate, and we saw the usual flood of new listings to the market after Labor Day.  Even though this happens pretty much every year (because many sellers wait to list until after Labor Day, [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Summer 2019 wrap-up

The market over the summer in the Berkeley hills was quite good.  We all know that prices are determined by supply and demand, and both were in our favor.  The supply of homes on the market was relatively low.  There were 40 [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Spring 2019 wrap-up

In the Berkeley hills this past quarter, there were 73 active listings, which is pretty typical for the spring season. Between March and the end of May, 45 properties sold, on average after 18 days on the market.  The median sale price [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Winter 2018-19 wrap-up

Towards the end of last year, all the talk was about the real estate market softening, with buyers being more cautious, and a greater supply of listings for sale.  Lately, though, the talk is more about big upcoming tech IPOs, and the [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Fall 2018 wrap-up

We’re very fortunate to live in an area that historically has weathered real estate downturns well, but there have been some real changes in the broader real estate market (in the Bay Area, statewide and nationally) since the beginning of 2018.  With [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Summer 2018 wrap-up

I mentioned in the last newsletter that there have been some rumblings of changes in the market, with higher inventory spreading out the buyer pool.  This was true again over the summer in the hills.  We had 68 active listings over the [...]