ARE YOU UNDER-INSURED? The huge wildfires this year are a reminder that we should all periodically evaluate our insurance coverage, and make sure that we could rebuild if we ever needed to.  Most insurance policies auto-renew each year, and the coverage may [...]

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Home Loans, Interest rates, and Real Estate Newsletters

HOME LOANS AND INTEREST RATES x Interest rates on home loans have been very low lately!   If your interest rate is close to, or above, 4%, it could be worth your while to contact your favorite loan person and see if you [...]

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Bridge Loans

BRIDGE LOANS Did you know that it’s possible again to get a bridge loan?  A bridge loan is a short-term loan that can be used to access the equity in a home you are planning to sell in order to purchase a [...]

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Emergency Alerts

EMERGENCY ALERTS Have you signed up yet for Alameda County emergency alerts?  The system is called AC Alert, and it’s very easy to sign up to receive notifications from city and county agencies in the case of an emergency.  Just go to [...]

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We already know that UC Berkeley is one of the top universities in the world, but I still love to see it getting the recognition it deserves.  In the latest rankings of graduate programs by US News & World Report,  there were [...]

FREE STUFF (How to give it away)

I am a big fan of a good purge, and the new year is a great time to get rid of unwanted stuff. At the same time, I hate to throw anything away that someone else might be able to use, and [...]

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Go UC!

Money magazine just released their latest ranking of colleges and universities, and the University of California got 5 of the top 11 spots! Wow! To come up with the rankings, Money combines measures of “Quality of Education” (based largely on graduation rates), [...]

Home Project Website I saw a mention of the website above in a Money magazine article about home improvement projects, so I checked it out and thought it was worth passing along.  It's a price calculator for home renovation and maintenance projects.  You select a project, [...]

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