Since as far back as I can remember, I have always loved libraries. When I was growing up, I loved the independence of wandering the aisles and choosing my own reading adventures. As a teen, the library was a safe and welcoming place to study and to meet up with friends. In college and graduate school, libraries were  places to find answers, and spots of quiet serenity where I could get serious work done. As an adult, I borrow books all the time (although now I do it electronically, which I know is a controversial choice for the physical book-lovers among us!).  Everyone should have access to these resources, both for their own entertainment and personal growth, and because access to information is essential for the proper functioning of our society.

For these reasons, and also to support my marvelous mother-in-law, who has been involved with the Friends almost as long as she has been in Berkeley, I just sent in a donation to support the Friends of the Berkeley Public Libraries.  The Friends are a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to “support and expand the educational, cultural, and outreach programs of the Berkeley Public Library.”

If libraries are important to you too, you can join me in supporting the Friends by donating and/or becoming a member at www.BerkeleyLibraryFriends.org click “Get Involved.”  You can also help by buying or donating books at the Friends bookstore at 2433 Channing Way. See the website above for more details!