THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley, Fall 2019 wrap-up

The fall is always an interesting season in our real estate market, because we go from one of the slowest times of the year (just before Labor Day) to one of the busiest times of the year (just after Labor Day).  We [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Fall 2019 wrap-up

It was another interesting fall in local real estate, and we saw the usual flood of new listings to the market after Labor Day.  Even though this happens pretty much every year (because many sellers wait to list until after Labor Day, [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley, Summer 2019 wrap-up

After a super hot spring 2019, the North Berkeley market settled down somewhat over the summer.  Most properties still sold fast and for great prices, but there were a few that took somewhat longer to sell, and average days on the market [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Summer 2019 wrap-up

The market over the summer in the Berkeley hills was quite good.  We all know that prices are determined by supply and demand, and both were in our favor.  The supply of homes on the market was relatively low.  There were 40 [...]

THE OUTLOOK: North Berkeley, Spring 2019 wrap-up

The local real estate market looked like it was slowing towards the end of last year, but it sure has bounced back this spring!  I talked in the last newsletter about the common perception that big IPOs were going to create wealth [...]

THE OUTLOOK: Berkeley Hills, Spring 2019 wrap-up

In the Berkeley hills this past quarter, there were 73 active listings, which is pretty typical for the spring season. Between March and the end of May, 45 properties sold, on average after 18 days on the market.  The median sale price [...]

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